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About ÖppnaDörren.

ÖppnaDörren is an initiative supporeted by Axfoundation

ÖppnaDörrens main objective is to work with the reduction of exclusion of newly arrived to Sweden, in order to support a quicker integration into Sweden. ÖppnaDörrens aim is to support meetings between established Swedes and newscomers, our method is based on personal meetings. ÖppnaDörren is in that sense an alibi for interaction. To date we have enabled almost 40 000 people to meet.

ÖppnaDörren was launched in November of 2015, with four initiatives that all target individuals and encourages meetings on a personal basis. The longterm ambition of ÖppnaDörren is to help increase diversity in the workplace as well as in society in general. All our initiatives encourage individuals to join and enroll in and they are all free of charge.

ÖppnaDörren is financed by Axfoundation, a non-profit organization founded by Antonia Ax: son Johnson. Axfoundations purpose is to create conditions for change towards a more sustainable society. The goal is to be a catalyst that challenge, arouse debate, inspire, spread knowledge and runs projects around social and environmental issues.

We recommend the article published by the United Nations Foundation on their visit to us in August of 2015 (link to article), they were on a tour to Sweden and Jordan to learn more about how we are handling the refugee crisis and how entrepreneurs and private sector leaders can help support refugees. ÖppnaDörren was one of the initiatives they had time to catch up with, an example of an area innovation of the private sector can make a difference.