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About ÖppnaDörren

ÖppnaDörren is an umbrella organization for integration initiatives that create meetings between new and established Swedes. We believe meetings are a simple and accessible way to create greater inclusion in society.

ÖppnaDörren started as an initiative of Axfoundation and today it operates by Axel Johnson. The purpose is to work with meetings as a tool for integration at the individual level, primarily through its own organization Yrkesdörren and by supporting the partner organizations Svenska med baby and Nya Kompisbyrån.

The organizations' activities aim to enable meetings between people with different backgrounds to create an open and inclusive society. The starting point is that it should be easy and fun for established Swedes and new Swedes to meet and exchange experiences and knowledge. To date more than 60 000 people have met through the organizations of ÖppnaDörren.

The organizations on that you can get involved in are:
  • Networks integrate - Yrkesdörren creates meetings between established Swedes and those who are new to Sweden to broaden professional networks.
  • Babies build bridges – Svenska med baby creates meeting places for parents on leave with different backgrounds
  • Coffee, food and digital meetings unite - Nya Kompisbyrån links established and new Swedes over a coffee, dinner or a video call.

If you are curious about what ÖppnaDörren has done before, read our news archive.